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Simone “Floky”

Tattoo Style: Neo Traditional & Realism


Simone Di Pierno aka Floky Ink, Devastation, Michelangelo, The Special One, The Cute One,  ” I just love the way you can use the skin as a canvas…”

Simone aka Floky Ink is truly a unique talent self taught, self motivated and extremely ambitious and walks the talk… Devastation!!!

Originally from Milan Italy is now London-based. Floky moved to London leaving friends and family for the opportunity to learn, grow and develop as an artist; now that’s passion.   He considers artist like Michelangelo a major influence on his work. Like most brilliant artist with a vision Floky intends to travel the world working with different cultures and styles in his pursuit to master his craft. Floky at this early part of his journey has developed a more deep understanding of the tattooing art, and is always open to  learning and very self critical. Working in the tattoo industry for  only 4 years you would think he has been around for a while based on his experience; the studio is luck to have such a young talent.

Floky’s favourite style is Neo-Traditional and realism, however can do old school and other styles. His general skill level regarding tattooing and the industry is simply fantastic. Enjoys the drawing process of the work, his philosophy for the art of tattooing means everything his does is always quality.